Wednesday, October 8, 2008

October Sunsets

Have you ever noticed the beauty of an October sunset? Have you ever thought about the awesome creativity of God? It almost seems to me that He wants to make this time of year the most beautiful of all so that we will notice.

I have been reluctant to write about the financial crisis in my blog because I want it to be a positive reading experience for visitors, but one can hardly ignore the things that are taking place in our country and world.

Have you ever heard of Dani Johnson's book, "Spirit Driven Success"? She does seminars to train business people for success, and you can visit her website at In the book, she asks the question are you in a season of plenty or famine? If you are in plenty, it is preparation for famine. When you are in famine, it is preparation for plenty. She says it's all about what you do in the famine that determines what the plenty is going to look like. She tells the story of a man named Joseph in Genesis, who did all the right things in his life, but still ended up in prison. He continued to obey God (not just trust) even during the hard times and God not only brought him out of his prison, but used him to deliver a whole nation from famine. It was all a process that God used to develop character and faithfulness in a person.

Now is not the time to give up, but to look up. Look to our true Source. All hope is not lost in a recession or even a depression. Our parents and grandparents lived through a depression. We have a God who creates the sunsets. He even has some advice on finances. Read Malachi 3:7-18. Maybe He wants to develop some character in us. Let's start noticing Him, what He has to say,and....His beautiful sunsets.

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John Milton Richardson said...

I'm so proud to have a God-Fearing Family and such a Beautiful Mother. Thanks for all of your love and perseverance throughout the years--even during the "famines". I love you!!!